Multi-color Lamp with Air Curtain Bubbles for Aquarium (QPL-50)


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  • Promote supplemental oxygen under water
  • Slow color changing LED lights
  • It is suitable for most aquariums, fish tanks, swimming pools and other similar occasions
Specification: EU Plug
Diameter: 2 inches
Packaging: Round bubbling stone pot with suction cup, 3/16 inch, tube and power adapter. No air pump included

Directions:  Before connecting the pump, soak the bubble plate for one hour (excluding the pump). If the accumulation of algae reduces bubbles after long-term use, please take out the bubble tray from the aquarium and clean the surface with a hard brush.

Note: The volume and pressure output of the pump will determine the area of ​​the disk where bubbles will be released.How to use it?-Before connecting it to the pump, soak it in water for one hour.-Use suction cups to fix the LED stone disc in place, or place it on the aquarium floor and cover it with gravel.

-Connect the plug to the socket and form a drip ring to prevent water from flowing along the wire and touching the plug.Suction cup and power cord Includes suction cup mounting bracket and 5-foot power cord. It ensures that the LED Stone disc is fixed in the desired position.

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