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Automatic Dehumidifier 2300ML – Dual Semiconductors & Display (DH-CS02)


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  • Dual Semiconductors-Peltier technology Compared with other small dehumidifiers, XAXAZON Dehumidifier has upgraded to dual semiconductors refrigeration technology which making double dehumidifying effect. Safely and efficiently remove moisture in spaces up for 480 Sq.ft. Using 2300ML transparent water tank, 27 oz (800ml) per day, you do not empty water frequently any more.
  • Timer & Auto-off Function Intelligent dehumidification, automatic shutdown.Are you worried that the dehumidifier dehumidifies too much? Our Dehumidiifier has an automatic mode that can automatically shut down when the humidity is below 50% so that it does not dehumidify excessively. You can also set the timer 8/12/24/36/48 hours, and it will stop once the time is up. If the water tank is almost full, it will no longer work, which increases safety.
  • Automatic Defrosting When be used in winter, frost inevitably occurs. Through technological innovation,the device will stop dehumidifying when the surface of the semiconductor freezes, auto switch into defrosting mode, the fan will keep running, and the heat generated will quickly melt the frost, and then restart to dehumidify.Effectively shortening the time of work interruption,Greater protection of the machine.
  • Ultra-quiet sleeping mode Do you feel wet and sticky when you fall asleep at night? At this time, you can put our dehumidifier into sleep mode, keep it dry all night and greatly improve the quality of sleep. In addition, the noise in this mode is only 39-42 dB, which is very quiet and never disturbs your sleep.
  • More Humanized design Our dehumidifier has a high-resolution display that can show the ambient humidity, so you can clearly see the moisture changes before and after using the product. Our product has a portable handle for easy movement. The storage space behind the unit is used to store the power cord so that it can be stored properly when not in use.

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NOTE – 1)According to the product manual or prompt label, when the equipment is used in low 8 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃ environment, the product performance will be different degrees of decline, which also has an impact on the detection of humidity. The best temperature to use the equipment is 20~30℃ and the best humidity to use is at 60~80%. 2)When the equipment is running, it is recommended to keep the room airtight (close the windows and doors), the ventilation environment affects the detection of humidity.

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