BuzzBGone Zap – Mosquito & Fly Zapper, Rechargeable, 1200mAh Battery, 1.2W


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Experience the ultimate indoor mosquito solution with the BuzzBGone Zap LED Mosquito Zapper. Utilizing a potent 600V power grid and LED lights, this device swiftly attracts and terminates pesky insects with a high-voltage shock.

Ditch the unpleasant odor of mosquito sprays and embrace the scentless operation of the BuzzBGone mosquito zapper. Relying solely on LED light and electricity, it effectively keeps mosquitoes away indoors.

Shield your home from irritating mosquito bites with the indoor mosquito zapper USB trap. Enjoy a comfortable summer without the hassle of outdoor zappers.

Designed for convenience, each anti-mosquito indoor zapper is compact, quiet, and equipped with a hanging loop for broader coverage.

With a long-lasting battery and quick USB Type-C charging, the indoor mosquito zapper provides up to 6 hours of continuous protection for all-day comfort.

Maintaining cleanliness is effortless with the easy-to-clean rechargeable design. Mozzies are trapped in the device’s vent, easily swept away with the included cleaning brush.

Inside the BuzzBGone Zapper Insect Killer Pack, find everything you need for a mosquito-free summer: the BuzzBGone Zapper, a USB Type-C to USB-A Charging Cable, Instruction Manual, and Warranty Slip.

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