VONETS Mini WiFi Router – 3 in 1, Router, WiFi Bridge, Repeater, USB Powered (VAR11N-300)


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VONETS Mini WiFi Router is a compact 2.4GHz mini wifi bridge that combines three technologies into one device: it acts as a professional wifi router, wifi bridge, and wifi repeater, and also doubles as a portable WiFi hotspot. It can convert either WiFi to wired or wired to WiFi (i.e., Ethernet to WiFi or WiFi to Ethernet adapter) with support for WiFi 802.11b/g/n and a WiFi rate of 300Mbps.

It offers two WiFi working modes:

  1. WiFi smart bridge mode, which allows for smart control of the device’s WiFi mode and offers four options: WiFi AP Client (WiFi client), ideal for accessing from WiFi to wired Ethernet for IP TVs and STBs; WiFi Hotspot (AP Station mode), suitable for hotel room usage; WiFi Repeater (WiFi signal repeat), to extend the WiFi signal coverage and transfer; and
  2. WiFi router mode, which supports WAN port connection through WiFi WAN (uplink).

The maximum point-to-point transmission distance of this device is 50 meters without obstacles or small data, and it features a WiFi Tx Power of 14.5dBm and 2 built-in 1.5dBi antennas. It is a great solution for various network applications such as PLC, robots, hotels, homes, medical devices, network printers, IP devices, electronic scales, monitoring applications, and data/video transfer. It is easy to set up.

The product is powered by wide voltage DC5V-15V (typical 5V/1A with less than 100mV ripple) and can be powered by either DC or USB (however, the two power supplies cannot be used at the same time). It includes a 30cm power cable with 1 male DC port and 1 male USB port and a female DC port for parallel connection, as well as 1 WAN and 1 LAN RJ45 10/100Mbps adaptive Ethernet ports.

This device also supports WiFi memory hotspots (up to 100) with automatic matching connection functionality for WiFi motion applications. It adopts an original D/A temperature compensated auto frequency control technology (TAFC) to ensure lasting stability and prevent dropped WiFi signals.

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